Trail of Tears


In October 1492, when Christopher Columbus arrived in the Bahamas, he began the fierce destruction of a native people and the land they cultivated. A destruction that would stretch for centuries leaving a wake of chaos that has culminated in such a severe degradation of soils that the … Continue reading

The Heart of Klamath River


  Water rights is an issue of escalating importance, especially in California, as corporate/government collusion lead to loss of water rights for the people within the region who depend on the sustenance of such natural resources within their geographic area. The contention around the Klamath … Continue reading

Gratitude–Is It Seasonal?

This time of year, I hear a lot about gratitude….I get curious about what gratitude means to other people. And what role does gratitude play in our lives, in our homes, and on our plates? As a parent, I wish to instill in my children a sense of wonder for the world and a deep feeling of … Continue reading
What happened to raw milk in America?

Raw Milk History in America

How learning the true raw milk history can restore our health and help end government harassment against small farms I recently did a short video series on raw milk history in America. In this series, I explain how raw milk got its negative reputation and why some regulatory agencies … Continue reading